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What Is a Carbon Clean?

Using the latest in Hydrogen technology, we are able to remove Carbon deposits from your engine, helping your car to run better and use less fuel.

Stage 1

A full Hydrogen Carbon Clean.
Our machine generates 400 litres of pure Hydrogen per hour, to provide the ultimate internal clean for your engine.

Stage 2

A full vehicle diagnostic with live data readings.
By performing a diagnostic test on your vehicle, we can detect any potential issues with your vehicle and can then advise you accordingly.

Stage 3

MAF/Air flow mass sensor clean.
Having your MAF sensor cleaned will stop problems such as running rich at idle or lean under load, decreases in fuel efficiency and rough idle.

Stage 4

Fuel treatment
Our unique additive is specifically designed to go hand in hand with our Carbon Clean, giving your vehicle a:
Cleaner fuel tank,
Cleaner fuel lines and
Cleaner injectors.

Benefits of having a Carbon clean:

Restores lost power & performance
Improved MPG
Restored BHP

Smoother and better power deliverance
Lowers emissions up to 72%
Better fuel consumption
Revitalises engine and combustion chamber
Helps to prevent blocked DPF's and EGR's, saving on costly repair bills

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