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What Is A DPF?


If you own a Diesel vehicle that has been manufactured after 2009, it will feature a device called a DPF which is short for Diesel Particulate Filter. DPF's unfortunately can quickly become blocked which can result in the breakdown of your vehicle and a hefty repair bill. 


Soot and ash collect in the DPF filter and need to be removed periodically. Ash build up in the filter restricts the exhaust flow and increases back pressure which reduces your fuel efficiency. 



Symptoms of a blocked DPF:

  • Vehicle goes into LIMP mode

  • Restricted performance

  • DPF won't regenerate

  • Warning lights on your dashboard

  • Increase in fuel consumption

  • Increase in idle speed


Our specialist cleaning process completely clears your DPF, then once the cleaning process is completed, we perform a DPF regeneration and remove any engine management lights or DPF-related fault codes.


Benefits from a clean DPF:

  • Keep repair costs to a minimum

  • Better fuel economy

  • Longer lasting DPF

  • Better DPF performance

  • Better engine performance

  • A cleaner DPF = A longer filter life

  • Do not ignore your dashboard warning lights!!!

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