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Why Remap?

Remapping is intended to make the most of your vehicle by overwriting the ECU's default settings with new software, which can be programmed to enhance your vehicles performance.

Is It Safe?

Most vehicles when released from the factory are underlined. This is done because the manufacturers sell their vehicles all over the world. This means that the software settings on the ECU must take into account different climates, laws, restrictions and different qualities of fuel. Our remapping process enhances and optimises the power of the engine within safe limits and not beyond them.


What is an ECU?

An ECU is an Electronic Control Unit which controls a series of activators on an internal combustion engine to ensure optimal engine performance. It does this by reading values from a multitude of sensors within the engine bay. ECU's do not have fixed behaviours and can be re-programmed. Should you wish to restore your vehicle back to factory settings after a re-map, we always keep a backup of the original file from your ECU so if you are unsatisfied or any problems arise with the new file, we can restore your car back to its factory settings. 


What Else Do We Offer?

Our software is developed in-house on our 4WD Dynocom Dyno and is designed to work on standard vehicles, whilst maintaining manufacturer levels of reliability.


What to expect from our Gearbox Tuning:

Faster Gear Shift Speed

Torque Limits Raised

Increased Red Line

Launch Control

Faster Responding Gearbox

Optimised Shift Pattern

More MPG

Custom Written Software     

Reliable & Safe

Less Gearbox Clutch Wear

About Our Remaps:

We use 100% custom files for every vehicle, meaning that the file has been specifically created to fit your vehicle exclusively and are written within safe tolerance of your vehicle.

We use the latest in remapping tools and software that are 100% genuine and fully licensed.

Our software also comes with a lifetime warranty.



      OBD                             BENCH 

£189+VAT                   £220+VAT



*We also offer payments through finance.

T&C's Apply

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